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Packing Material

We use high quality of packing material at Sahara Movers and packers. The material used is sourced from the regular and best supplier and all products have to pass the quality procedures. The main thing about the safety of goods is the packing material and packing procedures.

Carton Boxes

We use high solidity strength Carton box for safe packing which come sin variety of sizes. These are customized in various sizes. Books, clothes, kitchenware and others are packed in different cartons. This is designed for providing moving services for the safety of goods.

Plastic Boxes

These plastic boxes are made up of high quality of plastic crates and with removable lids which is used for shifting glassware, delicate, sensitive and crockery items.

Corrugated Cardboard Roll

The most commonly used packing material is the corrugated cardboard. This are used non dimensional and furniture goods which cannot be packed in other carton boxes.

Air Bubble / Foam Sheets

Air bubble sheets are used to protect sensitive items like computer, glassware and other items. This crockery items are packed with bubble sheet to avoid damage.

Wooden Crates

For packing electronic goods wooden crates are being used.

Thermocol Sheets

To avoid any kind of damage, this thermocol provides a safety layers. Direct pressure on the surface of goods is been avoided.

Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel packets are used to control the local humidity to avoid degradation of spoilage of some goods.

Strapping Tape

Strapping Tapes have reinforcements of tensilized polypropylene, polyester yarn or glass yarn filaments, with a variety of tensile strengths and adhesive types.